Nutrition guidance for people managing health conditions.

AVA provides daily coaching, support and personalized meal recommendations to help people who are managing special diets live in optimal health.
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Meet your intelligent nutrition coach

AVA is a human-based program that learns your unique needs and eating preferences. Spend a few minutes a day with AVA and receive highly personalized Feedback and meal recommendations.


A personal nutrition coach that's ready to work for you

AVA uses artificial intelligence to help you make great eating decisions



Set personal goals and receive custom feedback and meal plans based on your special diet
Focus on macronutrient balance for faster results
Get daily coaching and guidance designed by expert nutritionists
Learn how to fuel your body and reduce stress and anxiety
Find personalized recipe recommendations and location-based menu suggestions
Receive accurate calorie and macronutrient information for your meals by submitting a photo

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AVA is currently in private beta before being released to the public.
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