Hypothyroidism support from an expert you can trust


AVA analyzes your eating patterns to provide daily feedback, balancing important nutrients so you can feel great without completely changing your lifestyle.

AVA combines experienced nutritionists with the incredible learning power of artificial intelligence to analyze and understand the types of meals and feedback that will help you manage your thyroid condition. Invest a few minutes each day to maintain a healthy diet while avoiding common mistakes when deciding what to eat.



Personalized goals and preferences

Get started with AVA by setting goals for weight management or balanced nutrition along with your personal food preferences. 


Receive meal suggestions that adapt as you eat

By spending just a few minutes each day, you'll receive recommendations that adjust after each meal.


Access expert coaching when you need it

Get daily access to AVA, backed by nutritionists experienced with with hypothyroidism including Hashimoto’s disease. 


Focus on overall health and wellness

Understand how stress, sleep and physical activity can help you achieve your goals with recommendations that go beyond nutrition.



Healthy eating made easy 


Live a lifestyle free from fatigue. AVA screens for specific allergies, sensitivities and ingredients to help you find recipes and local restaurant items that balance optimal macro and micronutrient needs to promote a healthy immune system.


Ready to create the healthiest version of yourself?

AVA is a monthly subscription with new programs starting every Monday