Intelligent nutrition focused on your happiness

AVA provides personalized meal plans and daily expert coaching to help you live in optimal health
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Meet your intelligent nutrition coach

AVA combines the experienced nutritionist with the incredible learning power of artificial intelligence. Spend a few minutes a day with AVA and receive highly personalized feedback and meal recommendations.


Our Solution

A smart feedback loop to help you stay on track


Receive daily feedback and personalized meal suggestions that adapt to your eating preferences. Daily coaching focuses on lifestyle factors so you can end each day as the best version of yourself.

By spending just a few minutes each day, you'll receive recommendations that adjust after each meal, reinforcing good decisions or helping you stay on track without sacrificing the foods you enjoy.


A personal nutrition coach that's ready to work for you

AVA uses artificial intelligence to help you make great eating decisions



Feedback and meal recommendations based on your special diet
Advanced filtering to screen for specific allergies, sensitivities or ingredients
Macronutrient balancing for faster results
Daily coaching and guidance designed by expert nutritionists
Personalized recipe recommendations and meal planning tools
Location-based menu suggestions including real-time nutrition estimates for each menu item


Smart Menu Recommendations

With one click, select nearby restaurants and see recommended menu items based on your special diet and eating preferences. AVA uses advanced processing technology to estimate nutrition information for every dish.



Accurate Photo Estimates
& Auto Tracking

AVA provides the most convenient and accurate auto-journal feature available. Simply send a photo and receive back accurate calorie and macronutrient information within minutes.

"I've had high blood pressure managed with medication for many years. While working with AVA, my blood pressure got low enough that my Doctor is considering taking me off of my medication.

Tracking daily nutrition helps me approach each meal and see how much difference I can make with small changes. AVA knows what I like to eat, even when I eat out and helps me find simple ways to make sure I hit my goals. AVA's coaching and support keeps me accountable."

- J. Grant