Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does a typical day with AVA look like?

    AVA starts with a daily focus area based on program type and goals. This could be highlighting certain macronutrients, sleep, fitness and hydration among others.
    To guide you through specific meal decisions, AVA provides more structured feedback ahead of each meal and adjusts based on what you've eaten since the prior recommendation. AVA also provides feedback after meal submission or responds with any questions that you may have throughout the day.
    At any time, you can access recipes or menu items at nearby restaurants and receive a set of personalized recommendations for each meal to help you achieve your nutrition goal for each day.
    At the end of each week, you’ll also receive a detailed nutrition assessment with insights from your past week and helpful tips to start the upcoming next week.

  • What can I ask AVA?

    Any question related to nutrition is fair game. Whether you’re interested in a new diet, learning about supplements or want to understand your ideal carb-to-protein ratio, AVA incorporates the latest in dietary science and nutrition programming and help you understand how certain factors can influence your overall health and well being.

  • Is AVA for Me?

    Anyone can use AVA to reach their nutritional goals. Want to increase muscle? Eat more veggies? Learn about antioxidants? Try a juice cleanse? AVA can create a personal plan based on your goals and interests.

  • Is AVA just a robot?

    No, AVA is not a robot. AVA is powered by an intelligent coaching platform that enables highly trained nutritionists and dieticians to view and analyze your nutrition data to provide personalized feedback and meal recommendations. These are meant to provide the most impact while matching your unique preferences.

  • Do I have to use the AVA app?

    AVA works with both text messaging (SMS) and through our mobile app available on Apple iOS and Android. You are not required to use the app but certain features like daily meal recommendations and nutritional estimates are only accessible within the app. Using the app will give you the best experience possible. For convenience, you may submit photos or text descriptions of your meal by text message or through the app.

  • Do I need to send in pictures every day?

    The more meals, snacks and drinks you add to your journal, the more accurate your feedback and recommendations will be. According to research, monitoring your daily food intake helps keep off the weight you worked so hard to lose by as much as 80%.While AVA encourages maintaining your journal, you'll start receiving personalized recommendations very quickly and tracking for long periods of time is not required.

  • How can AVA determine my meal nutrients from my pictures?

    AVA estimates calories and nutrients by using machine learning and visual recognition by trained experts to determine the ingredients in your meal.

  • How long do I work with AVA?

    AVA is a monthly subscription service. Most members using AVA for multiple months depending on their program type