Go beyond basic gluten-free with AVA special diet programs 


Basic Gluten-Free

Excludes the gluten protein found in wheat, barley, rye and the derivatives of these grains, including malt and brewer’s yeast from recommendations.

Vegan Gluten-Free

100% plant-based diet designed to offer phytonutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory, minimally processed meals that are naturally gluten-free.  

Paleo Gluten-Free

Based on fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and nuts to lessen the body's glycemic load while increasing vitamin and nutrient consumption.




Meet your intelligent nutrition coach

AVA combines experienced nutritionist with the incredible learning power of artificial intelligence to support your active lifestyle. Spend a few minutes a day with AVA and receive highly personalized, celiac-specific feedback and meal recommendations. Avoid symptoms like bloating, pain and indigestion while also targeting a healthy weight and increased energy.


Our Solution

A smart feedback loop to help you stay on track


Receive daily feedback and personalized meal suggestions that adapt to your eating preferences. Daily coaching focuses on lifestyle factors so you can end each day as the best version of yourself.

By spending just a few minutes each day, you'll receive recommendations that adjust after each meal, reinforcing good decisions or helping you stay on track without sacrificing the foods you enjoy.


A personal nutrition coach that's ready to work for you

AVA uses artificial intelligence to help you make great eating decisions

Feedback and meal recommendations based on celiac disease and your unique preferences.
Advanced filtering to screen for specific allergies, sensitivities or ingredients
Daily coaching and guidance designed by expert nutritionists
Recipes and local restaurant items go beyond gluten-free, balancing your optimal macronutrient and micronutrient needs to promote a healthy immune system.
Location-based menu suggestions including real-time nutrition estimates for each menu item
AVA will exclude the gluten protein found in wheat, barley, rye and the derivatives of these grains, including malt and brewer’s yeast from recommendations.


Smart Menu Recommendations

With one click, select nearby restaurants and see recommended menu items based on your special diet and eating preferences. AVA uses advanced processing technology to estimate nutrition information for every dish.



Accurate Photo Estimates
& Auto Tracking

AVA provides the most convenient and accurate auto-journal feature available. Simply send a photo and receive back accurate calorie and macronutrient information within minutes.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a typical day with AVA look like?

    AVA sends a morning message to help you start the day, along with a variety of meal recommendations at 10am and 2pm. These cover your next series of meals and adjust based on what you've eaten since the prior recommendation. AVA also provides real time conversational feedback and is available to answer any questions you have throughout the day. Every few days, AVA sends a detailed assessment via email that gives you insight into your eating habits and provides education how to approach the next few days.

  • What can I ask AVA?

    AVA is supported by world class nutritionists, so any question related to nutrition is fair game. Whether you’re interested in a new diet, learning about supplements or want to understand your ideal carb-to-protein ratio, AVA helps you develop a plan that works for your unique goals. Think of AVA as your personal meal concierge. Ask AVA about certain ingredients, allergy concerns, or what to order at your local restaurant as you scan the menu.

  • Is AVA for Me?

    Anyone can use AVA to reach their nutritional goals. Want to increase muscle? Eat more veggies? Learn about antioxidants? Try a juice cleanse? AVA can create a personal plan based on your goals and interests.

  • Is AVA just a robot?

    No, AVA is not just a robot. AVA works with world class nutritionists to analyze your eating patterns and make personalized recommendations based on large amount of nutritional data. AVA's systems use a combination of human and artificial intelligence to calculate information and provide you with personalized material.

  • Do I have to use the AVA app?

    AVA works with both text messaging (SMS) and with the AVA app. You are not required to use the app but certain features like daily meal recommendations and nutritional estimates are only provided within the app. Using the app will give you the best experience possible. For convenience, you may submit photos or text descriptions of your meal by text or through the app.

  • Do I need to send in pictures every day?

    The more meals, snacks and drinks you add to your journal, the more accurate your feedback and recommendations will be. According to research, monitoring your daily food intake helps keep off the weight you worked so hard to lose by as much as 80%.While AVA encourages maintaining your journal, you'll start receiving personalized recommendations very quickly and tracking for long periods of time is not required.

  • How can AVA determine my meal nutrients from my pictures?

    AVA estimates calories and nutrients by determining the ingredients in your food. The more information you can send with your picture, the better.

  • How accurate are AVA's calorie estimates?

    Highly accurate. AVA uses advanced technology to estimate your meals. To help improve accuracy, you can add text before sending a photo to clarify ingredients or portions that are not visible.


Make a commitment to creating the healthiest version of yourself

AVA programs run on a monthly basis with new programs starting each Monday